The one to one sessions are going very well and the students range from a very talented 9 year old to an equally talented 75 year old. They are all producing some lovely work, the subjects of their choosing, with landscape, seascape and florals all featuring. I have deliberately kept the numbers low (six maximum) to keep the interactions fresh.


Following the sale of ‘Andalusia’ and ‘Andalusia II’ to a buyer in Hong Kong they are now safely framed up and on show in the buyers house.  The buyer also commissioned a painting for his house in Comares. ‘From Comares’ is now on its way to Spain! In another lovely couple of sales my canvas ‘Looking to Skye’ was purchased by a buyer in Minnesota and 22 Sunflowers by a new buyer in Oxford. Happy days 🙂 

Painting sales have been rather good of late, including a successful sale of floral paintings, four of which are wending their way to a new buyer in Norfolk and ‘9 Lillies’ to a new buyer in the Midlands

One of my paintings, Paths and Prints II (of the moors near here) will be wending its way to the Houses of Parliament to its new home in our local MP’s offices!

Paths and Prints II.

And while I am on all things political, I was commissioned to produce an image to celebrate 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage which involved many long hours mosaicing the faces of over 400 local women to produce the image below. Now on permanent display in Honley in Yorkshire, the birthplace of local lass Dora Thewlis, known as The Baby Suffragette. The event was opened by our MP Thelma Walker. A proud day 🙂



I have finally started making bespoke frames for my work. Each new painting will have an individually made frame suitable for that work. The basic frames and passepartout (inner frame) blanks are being made by my framer and then I begin the long process of applying gesso to both. Gesso is a mixture of Rabbit skin size and marble dust which is painted on the the frame and once dry it is sanded smooth with wire wool. Five or six layers are applied and then the resultant white smooth frame can be wash painted or gold leafed. Below is a bit of the process ‘in action’ 🙂 

Bole is a guilders clay in a variety of colours and can be used with a mix of clay and rabbit skin glue, painted on to a frame and polished before being varnished with shellac. Other Bole clays such as the red can be used under gold leaf to give the leaf a warm gold finish. Below are some of the results.


I had an interesting article published in the Huddersfield Examiner about what paintings sell and why.  I am not sure I am any the wiser but do have a look.

A lovely five page spread in Yorkshire Life magazines May edition. Plenty of pictures and a few words of sagely art wisdom 😉

Here is the link and you can find me on pages 71-78: